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From 01 Jan 2022 till 30 Apr 2023

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Salalah Beach Resort Location: Salalah, Oman
Duration: 4 Nights
Category: 3 Stars
Meal: Bed & Breakfast

Standard Room

  • Air-conditioned room fitted with tiled floors. the room offers a flat-screen TV and a seating area. The Deluxe Room offers a private balcony overlooking the Arabian Sea. Laundry facilities are available at an added cost.

  • Double/Single

  • Free Wi-Fi, Flat screen TV.

  • N/A

  • Child till 7 years is free of charge Child above 7 till 12 years charges 9 EUR per night for Breakfast.

  • 14 EUR per person per night for Dinner Supplement

Hilton Salalah Resort Location: As Sultan Qaboos St, Salalah 211, Oman
Duration: 4 Nights
Category: 5 Stars
Meal: Bed & Breakfast

Hilton Guest Room

  • Wake up to this local-style 42 sq. meter/452 sq. ft. room with separate seating area and high-speed internet access. Get to work at the large desk in the separate working area, take time off in the easy chair or sofa and gaze at the mountain view.

  • Double/Single/ Triple

  • Air Conditioning, Black-Out Curtains ,In-Room Movie Channel, Sofa Bed, Thermostat (adjustable), Bathroom Amenities ,Desk Level Electric Plugs ,Hairdryer, Hand Held Shower, High Speed Internet Access, Mini Bar, Remote-Controlled Television

  • 23 EUR for third adult per night including breakfast

  • Child till 6 years stays free of charge Child above 6 till 12 years charges 12 EUR per night including Breakfast

  • 24 EUR per person per night for Dinner supplement

Empty Quarter Desert Tour Type:
Culture and adventure
Up to 8 Hours
Tour for:
All Family members
Tour Guide Language :
English, Arabic
Runs On :
Tour Pick Up Time :
Day Tour departure at 09:00 Sun Set tour departure at 14:00

  • The city of Thumrait 

    Thumrait is a small town in southern Oman on the main road between Dhofar and the rest of Oman. 

    In ancient times Thumrait was an important link between the south and north in the Arabian Peninsula. 

    The main professions of the people of Thumrait are camels and livestock breeding, weaving, paddock grazing and tanning. 


    Duka Valley 

    (The old Frankincense town)   

    The most beautiful scent of the ancient world 

    THESE trees are thousands of years old before oil was discovered, frankincense was the main source of wealth for Oman. Two thousand years ago, frankincense was of equal value to gold, the trees, up to 7ft tall InOman, the smell of frankincense is something more spiritual.


    The lost city of Ubar "UNESCO World Heritage Site" 

     «the Atlantis of the Sands»  

    According to myth, the desert swallowed up Ubar. Quite literally, it sank without trace -becoming the fabled «Atlantis of the Sands. In 1992, guided by ancient maps and satellite surveys, archaeologists and explorers have discovered remains of the city deep in the sands. Led by Sir Ranulph Fiennes 



    (Al Rub’ Al Khali) 

    is the largest  sanddesert in the world, it is a larg area of sand dunes and the simple Bedouin life  and  black camels farms with millions of stars It  has been featured in several international films, such as: Star Wars, The Force Awakens, The Matrix, The Panther and many others. 

    It is believed that the lake beds were originally shallow lakes formed by monsoon rains thousands of years ago, and only lasted for a few years. 

    You will enjoy listening to old stories about, its culture and the desert. 

    • Guiding fees
    • transportation from and to hotel
    • Entrance fees soft Drinks.
    • Lunch/ Dinner

    • Tipping/Gratitude
    • In case guest wanted to have a (Russia, Italy, French, or German) speaking guide an additional fees will be added to the tour cost (20 OMR ).

  • Please do not forget to take your sunglass, wear your suntan lotion, and comfortable walking shoes.

Full Day East Salalah (Safari Day) Tour Type:
Up to 8 hours
Tour for:
All Family members
Tour Guide Language :
English, Arabic
Runs On :
Tour Pick Up Time :
10:00 AM

  • Ayn Sahlnoot

    Ayn Sahlnoot is one of the most beautiful springs in Salalah and one of the most beautiful places in Dhofar where trees are surrounded by green hills and mountains covered with green grass with clear blue water.

    The Ayn stretches across a beautiful wheel for a 4 kilometers used for irrigating plants by the people of the region

    Tawi Attair (The Sinkhole)

    60 KMS off to the East of Salalah there is Tawi-Attair. One of the deepest natural sinkholes in the world, the size of the hole is about 975 thousand cubic meters and has a diameter of 130 to 150 meters and  its depth  reaches 211 meters.

    Tawi-Attair is formed naturally through the process of erosion or collapse of the surface of the caves or by reducing the level of groundwaterThe hole has gained global fame since its discovery in 1997.

    Tawi Attair is home to many bird species. You can see it or hear it inside and outside the hole.

    Wadi Darbat

    Within a beautiful environment you will observe hundreds of camels, cows and goats roaming freely all along the valley’s water and mountains. And You will clearly hear every leaf moving There is a Lot of nearby rocks and natural caves for hiking around.

    The water in Darbat is crystal blue you can watch fishes through it Perfect place for picnics, The lush greenery will attract you so much that you will find it hard to leave the place and go back.. It’s regarded as one of the wonders of the nature in the Middle-East

    Jebel Samhan (Protectorate area)

    Jebel Samhan is one of the main mountains in Dhofar, Maximum height of Samhan around 2,100 m (7,000 feet) above sea level. Samhan Mountain includes many plateaus punctuated by narrow and deep gorges; some of them are about 1,000 meters deep. In the plain of Jebel Samhan different plant species such as Acacia and frankincense trees grow

     Anti Gravity Point

    On the hills after approximately 27 kilometers from Taqa city  there is A Magical Place where Car Drives in gravitomagnetismA natural phenomenon, where your car drives itself when you are in neutral.

    Ayn Razat

    A nice picnic spot with a running freshwater spring situated at the base of a mountain and small caves.

    • Lunch
    • English Guiding fees
    • Transportation from and to hotel
    • Entrance fees and soft Drinks.

    • Tipping
    • In case guest wanted to have a (Russian, Italian, French, or German) speaking guide an additional fees will be added to the tour cost (20 OMR )

  • Please do not forget to take your sunglass, wear your suntan lotion, and comfortable walking shoes.

Main Attractions

  • The grand mosque of Sultan Qaboos in Salalah
  • Hafa Souq
  • Wadi Darbat.
  • Mugsayl Beach.
  • Fazayah Beach.
  • Profit Job’s Tomb
  • Mirbat.
  • Watching Tours and castles.
  • 3 UNESCO world heritage sites.
  • The Empty Quarter desert………. And more to explore!

Package includes

  • Hotel Accommodation at one of the above 3 or 5* including Breakfast.
  •  All Tours throughout (the itinerary with the transportation).
  • Lunch during tours.
  • Entrance and guiding fees.
  • Return Airport Transfer. Fully guided tour.

Package Excludes

Entry Visa, and Flight tickets.


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